First paintball site not only in the UK but in Europe to have the NEW Tippman FT50 paintball gun!

Experience the thrill of the chase with Taskforce Paintball

At the start of the day you’ll be issued with all the equipment you’ll need. Combat clothing, a full face mask and goggles, protective head cover, allocation of paint pellets and of course your weapon. Further paint pellets can be purchased as can smoke grenades 18+, paint grenades 18+, jelly grenades and a few other delightful items with which to wreak havoc amongst your ‘enemy’. We’ll keep a running tally of your ammo usage and tot it up at the end of the day. The air to run your gun is free of charge.

Pay As You Play

  • 0 Paintballs
  • Entrance only
  • Adults Only

Basic Half Day

  • 250 Paintballs
  • Standard Package
  • Junior package (Age 8-15)

Cautious Shooter

  • 300 Paintballs
  • For any strategic shooter

Trigger Happy

  • 500 Paintballs
  • Loads of ammo


  • 1000 Paintballs
  • You will have a blast!

A deposit of £10 per person will be required in advance of the activity booked. If your booking is made within 7 days of the game date an immediate deposit will be due. Deposits can be paid by credit or debit card over the telephone or on line

We offer Paintball Packages booked for Juniors (age 8+) and all their equipment for the day, the parents can either join in or sit back and relax while we take care of everything for you.

If you would like to have a private game we require a minimum of 24 players in a group.


2000 Paint Pellets£139.95
1000 Paint Pellets£74.95
500 Paint Pellets£39.95
100 Paint Pellets£8.95
Smoke/Paint Grenade£7.00
Armoured Gloves£8.00
Wool Gloves£4.50
1/2 Litre Bottle£2.00
Chocolate Bar£1.20

Feel The Excitement

Our guns

All of our guns are the latest Paintball markers the Tippman FT50’s powered by compressed air, our guns have all recently been updated the Tippman FT50’s

Using state of the art technology, the guns fire further, and straighter with a lighter smaller pellet, unlike other guns, which will not bruise or mark the skin like previous paintballs. We are aware that people have been put off playing paintball because of the “pain” element, this new equipment puts back all the fun in playing paintball.